Robin Medin.IxD

Urban POI

Information from a glance.

A good glanceable interface only needs a fraction of a second to convey the information necessary for the user to properly interact with the design. This is exactly what we were trying to achieve during the prototyping sessions of the Urban POI application. We wanted to create a non-intrusive, intuitive and easy-to-use product that would allow users to explore cities in a more interesting way.

My Role:
Digital Prototyping, User Research, Visual Design, Mock-ups

  • We set out to achieve a design that would bring together the minimalist, glanceable interface of a smart watch together with a slightly more information-dense interface on a smartphone. The user first assigns specific points of interest in the mobile application that are relevant to their needs. After this, the user won't need to constantly check their phone for information - instead, the application on the smart watch notifies the user of points of interest that are close by, in a non-intrusive manner. This way, we are able to convey information without the user constantly being forced to check their phone.

  • Additional information is presented via the interface on the smart phone, allowing the user to contact or, when necessary, book a room, a reservation etc via the application. This way, the user can enjoy his or her urban exploration stroll in peace.