Robin Medin.IxD


Smart Home Illumination.

StackLite is the result of a weeklong concept-only project to familiarize ourselves with Internet of Things. The main purpose of StackLite is to easily and flexibly be able to control and manipulate light sources in your home. It works together with dynamic spotlights, attached to the ceiling, which follows these small, digital artifacts (which we chose to call "pucks"). If a puck is facing downwards, light is off. Flip it over, the light turns on. The spotlights sense the location and orientation of the pucks, and shines a directed light at that specific location, which allows users to easily control the amount of light that is being emitted. Need more light? Easy! Just stack several pucks on top of each other!

My Role:
Research, Ideation, Sketching, Paper & Video Prototyping.