Robin Medin.IxD

Meditation Hub

Collaborative bodily awareness at its best.

Meditation Hub is an evolution and digitalization of group meditation. It aims to enhance the bodily awareness of its users, making them conscious about their internal processes and somatic functions, thus allowing them to increase their state of relaxation and focus. By implementing some pulse sensors into a fluffy cloud-shaped lamp, we could read the users heart rates and calculate whether they become more relaxed during meditation. The Meditation Hub emits light that is intended to be perceived through the eyelids, allowing a pleasant, non-intrusive form of feedback. Check out our demo video below!

My Role:
User Research, Ideation, Physical & Digital Prototyping, Electronics, Code, Chief of Fluffiness.

  • The different stages of Meditation Hub. The green light indicates that the Meditation Hub is in an idle standby mode and waiting for users to attach the pulse sensors to their fingertips. When Meditation Hub starts receiving pulse data, the measuring process initiates and the light turns into a bright purple instead. Here, the brightness of the light is directly coupled to the pulse readings - the calmer you get, the brighter the light. After the group has reached a threshold (a certain percental decrease in pulse BPM) the Meditation Hub starts emitting a pulsating, red light, designed to be a breathing rhythm for the users to maintain a state of relaxation.

  • The Meditation Hub in its proper context - a dark, quiet room with users sitting in a circle around it with their eyes shut. The light is perceived through the eyelids (which is actually quite mesmerizing), giving the users continuous feedback of their collective pulse readings and consequently; bodily awareness and relaxation.

  • Promo poster for the Meditation Hub, used during the showcase we held at Malmö University. People were positive towards our design; they claimed to become significantly more relaxed after using Meditation Hub, and they liked the physical gestalt and the fluffiness of the design.