I believe that the most important aspects of understanding people is to actually listen. I love learning from different people, trying to understand their life situations, passions, troubles and desires. I truly believe that in design, empathy is key. The users are our masters, whereas we as designers are simply apprentices. I believe that involving the end users in the design process by implementing a User-Centered Design mindset is crucial.

After all, we're designing for the users, right?


Let's get to know each other!

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  • Urban POI

    Working from a glanceability-perspective, we designed the Urban POI application.

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  • Stack Lite

    Internet of Things + Tangibility
    = StackLite

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  • Virtual Reality 2.0

    What happens when you add a physical dimension to Virtual Reality (and make it way cooler?)

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  • Meditation HUB

    Cooperate with your friends on your way to reaching a state of serenity and calm!

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    A random assortment of UI components and icons.

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